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[Rollei] Problem with 3.5F (III) -- aperture/time settings --


The camera has not been reassembled correctly. The effect of shutter and
aperture restrictions should only occur when using the longer time exposures
in the green part of the shutter times, visible through the peep window. For
any time equal to or less than 1 sec, there should be no restriction of
The effect of the meter needle is only a symptom of the camera not being
reassembled correctly - it is not really the meter that is the problem.
Notice that when you change the ASA and filter factor by a total of 5 stops,
you get 5 stops more movement in the shutter, from 1/30th to 1 sec.

You should send the camera back to the repair place and tell them to get it
right. When assembling the front panel onto the body, the camera has to be
set to 1/500th sec, at f22 and the inner slider bars moved to the bottom of
their travel.



I have Rolleiflex 3.5 F (III) TLR (planar 75mm) with light meter. Serial
2281xxx. I have it just repaired and I noticed interesting thing, when I get
it back.

When I e.g set aperture to 3.5 and try to set times, I can put only time
1/30, not longer times. Then if I change aperture to 5.6, I can put time
1/15, but not longer times.  So, I have to change aperture one stop smaller
that I can change time one stop longer. I also noticed that this happens,
when the needle in the meter goes near the red zone ( I mean the needle,
which I can adjust with time and aperture).
(This examble was made with ASA number 100 and filter factor 0)

I can change the needle position also with the ASA number and filter factor
and  I noticed that when I set the ASA number to 25 and filter factor to -3,
I can put almost every combination of time and aperture, because the needle
don't go near the red zone. Are the aperture and time settings somehow
linked to the meter? For me this isn't g!
ood, because I'm not using the
cameras light meter.

So I'm wondering, if this problem or it is cameras feature? I didn't noticed
this before repair and I have had the camre only one month. If anyone could
help me to clear things or I have to get the camera back to repair or can I
do something to this with myself?

Jarkko Heikkinen

P.S. Sorry about bad english..