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Re: [Rollei] MX Rolleifix socket


The tripod socket is actually difficult to change unless you have the right
tools. Rollei made a tool specifically for removing the tripod plate from the
back of a TLR. The big flat round plate that can be seen on the inside of the
camera back is a reverse threaded screw of sorts. You may be able to see two
(or at least one) small round wrench holes drilled in the flat part. But
because a film bar sits on top of the screw it is nearly impossible to get a
wrench in there to turn the screw. The Rollei tool works from the outside of
the back rather than trying to turn the big flat screw from the inside. The
tool can tighten or loosen the screw from the tripod socket depending on the
configuration of the tool. So it is an easy modification with the tool and
rather difficult without the tool.

It is possible the Rolleifix part of the tripod mount was changed on the back,
or it could just be a later back.


Douglas Cooper wrote:

> >
> > My MX does not have baffles (but it *does* have the type 2 tripod
> > socket plate),
> Now that is odd.  You have a type 1.5, clearly.  I'd love the tripod socket
> plate -- sounds as if yours was installed later.  Wonder if this is an easy
> mod?  Anyone know?
> Douglas Cooper
> http://www.dysmedia.com