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Re: [Rollei] SL66

on 4/23/02 9:34 PM, David Seifert at dseifert   wrote:

> The 50/4 Distagon , 80.2.8 Planar, 120/5,6 S-Planar, 120/4 Makro-Planar,
> 150/4 Sonnar and 250/5.6 Sonnar all use Rollei Bayonet VI filters and
> hoods.  A popular item is the Heliopan Bay VI to 67mm step ring for those
> with an existing collection of 67mm filters.

Also for those who don't want to pay too much for common filters, or want to
use the vast number of filter types which don't come in bayonet mounts.
Although I have used Rollei SLRs since the late 60s (SL66, then 6006, now
6008i), I have never owned a bayonet mount filter.  I have an extensive
collection of 67mm filters, which fit almost every lens I own with the
appropriate adaptor.