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Re: [Rollei] SL66

Hi Dan,

The 50/4 Distagon , 80.2.8 Planar, 120/5,6 S-Planar, 120/4 Makro-Planar, 
150/4 Sonnar and 250/5.6 Sonnar all use Rollei Bayonet VI filters and 
hoods.  A popular item is the Heliopan Bay VI to 67mm step ring for those 
with an existing collection of 67mm filters.

Best Regards,

At 06:51 PM 4/23/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>What size filter/hood, etc. does the Rollei SL66 take?  Bay VI?
>Dan Kalish <kaliushkin  >
>Flushing, NYC, USA
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