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Re: [Rollei] Light Meters and Differences Between E & F Bodies


The F without the lightmeter or any of its ancillary features is probably
an E3.  I have seen Fs without the meter cell, or the meter knob, but
still having the film speed and filter factor dial.  They were just cameras
in which the meter died and a blanking plate and knob center were installed.
Those are still Fs, though incomplete.


Shel Belinkoff wrote:

> I was of the impression that all Rolleiflex F series had built-in light
> meters, but I saw a photo of what was described as an "F" that didn't
> have a light meter.  Being a novice to Rolleis, I'm unsure whether the
> photo was of an F or an E.  So, do Fs all have light meters?  What about
> Es?
> What are the main differences between the E and the F series?
> Thanks for any help.
> --
> Shel Belinkoff
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