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Re: [Rollei] SL66

Welcome the the SL66 family.   I am sure you will find your new camera 
quite interesting.  I know I love mine.  I would recommend a visit to Mark 
Meier's site www.sl66.com  He sells a CD-ROM with all the SL66 manuals and 
literature for a reasonable price.  He also has a link to another site


which covers most of the basics of the camera.

Of course, if you want an original manual, you could probably get one from 
John Craig: http://www.craigcamera.com/

or perhaps Pacific Rim Camera: http://www.pacificrimcamera.com/

I am sure you will have lots of questions.  Several members of the list use 
SL66s so ask away, you will get lots of answers.  The most important rule 
is to never remove the back from the camera without cocking the shutter 
first.  (Just like a Hasselblad).


At 08:50 PM 4/18/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I did it!  I bought an SL66 with HFT lens from B&H.  Now I just have to pick
>it up.
>I saw this camera on their website and called up Rick, the guy I've been
>dealing with in person.  As to a 6002 from KEH, he said they're a very good
>company, but I have to understand I'd be buying it for life.  I'd never be
>able to find a buyer for it.  What about the 6003 B&H is selling?  He
>wouldn't sell it to his best friend or anyone in the New York area.  Only
>out-of-towners.  Interesting sales policy.
>I should be picking it up Sunday, and I'm sure I'll have lots of questions.
>I'll start now.  Where do I get an operations manual?
>Dan Kalish <kaliushkin  >
>Flushing, NYC, USA
>"Creole babies with flashin' eyes softly whisper with tender sighs"
>Way Down Yonder in New Orleans, Freddy Cannon

Best Regards,
David Seifert