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[Rollei] Friday GOODY Sale with Additions]]

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RUGers-- I uncovered still more items when
 rooting thru my garage.

Also, the Rollei-widow has promised to bring some more
Rollei items for me to offer so she can supplement her
meager Social Security, Please see seperate listing 

 Rolleiflex F type strap-hangers/back hinges. Install
 on your pre-E Rolleiflexes to permit use of scissor
 straps and E and on cases.---------------$25/pair

 For collectors and exhibitors only, not to
 be used (Way out of date); 35mm roll of
 TRI-X (March '74) , Kodachrome II,
 (Dec '64) and a mailer for the Kodachrome.
 All in factory sealed cartons--$5 for all 3.

 Weston Master Exposure meter #715- Mint condition
 with neckstrap and leather case. Works perfectly--$20

 Rollei Filter for MUTAR, Orange, brand new in Rollei

 Rollei Electronic Flash Units- Two available, both are
 computerized autoflash and perfect:
      134 REB-with swivel head for bounce, with instr.

     E19BC autoflash-Powerful unit, with Rolleilock

 Rolleiflex MX-EVS Type 1, f3.5 Tessar, just CLA'd, with sunshade,
 lens cap, and a strap, Rolleiclear screen with central microprism,
 Excellent condition Including Eveready case.-----$300

 Lens caps for Rollei 6000 series and SLX, front and back caps
 mint cond.-----$6 each

 Non-F&H Bay I lens cap---$10

 Zone VI Pentax Spotmeter V with manual, strap and
 Zone VI leather holster case, complete with 18% gray
 card and full instructions.--------$225

 Rollei Verlauffilter (graduated yellow ) for Bay I and II
 sunshades.  Excellent condition, perfect glass.-----$30

 Rolleiflash (bulb type) for Bay I. Perfect cond.----$20

 VERY RARE Rolleikin-Agfa film casette and black Bakelite
 case. (Have any of you RUGers ever seen one?) The machined
 metal casette is marked "Agfa-Rolleiflex", the case is marked

 Heliopan Skylight Filter, 24mm for Rollei 35--Brand new in case
 and box. --------$15

 Sports Finder for TLR Rolleiflex late models. Fits all Rolleis with 3-point
 accessory holders.  NOT the Heinemann finder, which is only for the
 OLDER Rolleis. --------$15

 Rolleiparkeil 1--Bay I. New in box. --------$10.

 Rolleinar 3, Bay I for taking lens only-----$10

 NOTE: Seller satisfaction guaranteed on all items.

 Prices are plus shipping unless we can make a deal for a lot of  the stuff!!

 Contact me directly at <jerryleh  > or at (858) 459-6103 per
 Marc's request.


	LA JOLLA  CA 92037

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