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[Rollei] Re: regular rolleinar on a Tele Rollei

> Now, I did know about the big minimum focusing distance and I do know of
> the existance of the two Rolleinars to take things closer and tighter when
> framing.
> As those Rolleinars are hard to get, shit I had them many years ago, I was
> wondering if someone has some experience using "regular" Rolleinars on this
> camera. The other day I mounted a nice Bay III number 1 and seemed to work
> good but I didn't take any picture because was not sure it would work
> properly.
> Maybe someone out there has something to say on that.
> Pablo

Pablo -

All rolleinars work well on teles but you will not get the working distance
you want for portraiture... recommend the .35, never found the need for the

Eric Goldstein