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[Rollei] Rv: regular rolleinar on a Tele Rollei

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Hi guys,

Thanks to me friend in Barcelona, Julian Thomas, I got a very nice Tele
Rollei with no meter. The camera is in a very very nice condition. Mechan=
sounds perfect, lever is really smooth and focusing is a little bit stiff=

in comparison with my old beloved 3.5F Xenotar.
Only two little dings, one in front below of the taking lens and other on=

the right side of the camera. Save that is perfect, just a couple of litt=
"balls" below the leather on the left panel.

Now, I did know about the big minimum focusing distance and I do know of
the existance of the two Rolleinars to take things closer and tighter whe=
As those Rolleinars are hard to get, shit I had them many years ago, I wa=
wondering if someone has some experience using "regular" Rolleinars on th=
camera. The other day I mounted a nice Bay III number 1 and seemed to wor=
good but I didn't take any picture because was not sure it would work pro=
Maybe someone out there has something to say on that.

By the way, camera is with no lens caps and I checked the normal Bay III
cap works, then if someone has one to sell, don't need to be in excellent=

condition, let me know.

On the other side I can't recall if was Marc listing sn of lenses buit ma=
some one else, here it goes:

Taking lens: Sonnar 1:4 f=3D135mm Carl Zeiss Nr 3775175
Viewing lens: Heidosmat 1:4/135 3775536



FiberTel, el nombre de la banda ancha http://www.fibertel.com.ar

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