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Re: [Rollei] RB screen in a Rolleiflex


Please realize that the Mamiya as well as the Pentax 67 screens
have the matte (focusing) surface on one side and the fresnel
side on the other.  Rollei screens have both on the same (down)

Your suggestion, if followed, would really mess things up.

Jerry Lehrer

Siu Fai wrote:

> > Ugh.  My secret is out.  I've been doing this for a while.  Getting the
> > focus right is a little tricky on this one for some reason. But you're
> > right, don't do it his way.  The viewer has to be shimmed.  Curiously, the
> > thickness of the shim has not appeared to be the the exact difference in
> > thickness between the groundglass and the new screen.  I've had to check
> > them and adjust.  The only downside is that the fresnel side ends
> > up on top.
> Gene,
> What the reason behind putting the fresnel side on top? I think if you put
> it  downwards like the originals you don't need to adjust the focus, at
> least not for the model with removable WLF.
> > The Mamiya screen is very nice though.  Very bright, and sharp.
> If you compare this screen to the fresnel screen from Rollei, is this a big
> improvement or not?
> Sorry for revealing your secret.
> Siu Fai