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Re: [Rollei] RB screen in a Rolleiflex

Ugh.  My secret is out.  I've been doing this for a while.  Getting the
focus right is a little tricky on this one for some reason. But you're
right, don't do it his way.  The viewer has to be shimmed.  Curiously, the
thickness of the shim has not appeared to be the the exact difference in
thickness between the groundglass and the new screen.  I've had to check
them and adjust.  The only downside is that the fresnel side ends up on top.
Have too keep it clean.  A nice soft brush, like sable works nicely and the
screen should stay nice for years.  Also, I do not recommend the
score-and-break method.  Use either a very fine (32tpi) hacksaw blade, one
of the very fine tooth japanese flushcut saws, or best is the X-acto saw.
Be very careful not to scratch anything.  The Mamiya screen is very nice
though.  Very bright, and sharp.  Since today is not friday I can say no

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Subject: [Rollei] RB screen in a Rolleiflex

> > There is an European search engine named 'euroseek'
> > http://www.euroseek.com/
> Great search engine for our European guys ;-)
> With this search engine, I found the following page that describes how he
> has cut a  Mamiya RB screen to put in his Rolleiflex:
> http://home.t-online.de/home/pjwum/rolleiflex_screen.htm
> A WARNING: The description he gives for aligning focus is not the correct
> one. Focus should be adjusted by the taking lens and not by the mirror.
> pretty sure that this may work but it is not how it is supposed to. Having
> the mirror fixed loosely may eventually damage it. So be warned!
> The F model do not need recalibration anyway.
> Siu Fai