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RE: [Rollei] Rollei?

I have used a SL66 extensively as a hand held camera, especially in the
street.  With a handle it's easy to use and carry.  It has a few things you
have to be willing to put up with:
It doesn't have a light meter.  This can slow you down if you can't read the
light.  Second, it has a flash synch of 1/30 due to the focal plane shutter,
except if you get a lens with a built in shutter, but htat adds complexity.
Third, it does get heavy if you are carrying around a couple of lenses.
Nonetheless I used it for many years happily.  Especially for nature and
architecture it has the great advantage of a tilting lens, and even that can
be used effectively hand held.  What other camera can do that?  It also
focuses way down since the lens is on a bellows, and you can retro fit the
lenses without any doo dads for greater magnification.  This should be of
great use in nature work. 
Larry Merrill

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I would do some street photography but mostly nature and architectural, so 
I'm not too concerned with lugging it around. Is there an inherent advantage

or disadvantage to a Rollei SL66 for a first time user? I'm also concerned 
with the costs for additional lenses/accessories....

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>To: rollei  us
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>Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 11:22:21 -0800 (PST)
>I bought my Rolleiflex 6006 mod 2 kit for $900.  So
>you don't necessairily have to get the SL66 to get the
>lowest price.  If you are going to travel or do street
>photography with it, then you might want a lighter
>camera like a TLR.  They are both different cameras so
>it really depends on what you want to use them for.
>Your price for the SL66 doesn't seem out of line if
>it's in decent condition.
>--- awould <awould  > wrote:
> > Hello - new to this club and mainly just joined to
> > get some opinions
> > on the merits of a Rollei SL66 for a man whose never
> > operated a
> > medium format. I am an active hobbyist w/ a 35mm and
> > am looking to
> > get more serious w/ my photography. My future father
> > in law wants to
> > buy me a Rollei SL66 w/ 80mm for wedding gift - he's
> > not sure if it's
> > a good deal (at $1000, good condition) and I'm not
> > sure if it's the
> > right camera. The research I've done tells me that
> > it is a solid
> > camera w/ a lot of unique functionality and
> > flexibility, and the
> > accessories are costly and hard to find.  Is this
> > the case? Is Rollei
> > the right camera for me? All thoughts and opinions
> > are appreciated!
> >
> > thanks
> > adam wood
> > chicago,il
> >
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