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Re: [Rollei] Plus-X discontinued

Yes, I am correct, and Plus-X has not been discontinued.


on 4/2/02 10:56 PM, John A. Lind at jlind   wrote:

> I believe Bob Shell is correct.  Kodak posted the following on March 13th:
> http://www.kodak.com/cluster/global/en/professional/support/techPubs/f4018/f40
> 18.jhtml
> Note that this is the *NEW* data sheet for Plus-X, F-4018, and it does NOT
> have the discontinuance notice.  The link you posted is the *OLD* data
> sheet for Plus-X, F-8.  This is consistent with what Bob Shell posted
> earlier from Kodak about the new production plant.  It would make sense
> that Kodak would create the new data sheet prior to updating the old one
> with the discontinuance notice.  I believe that discontinuance notice
> you're reading *only* refers to the Plus-X being made using the old
> manufacturing methods.
> -- John