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[Rollei] 2.8E meter repair questions

3) the meter is removed by removing the small kidney shaped leatherette
coverings on the meter. You should find the screws underneath. They may need
to be tightened.

4) I have factory stock 'blanks' for both meter and cell.


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          From: Craig Roberts [mailto:crgrbrts  meter repair questions

          Good evening gurus,
          I have a couple of questions about the meter on my newly acquired
          1) It appears to be a "dual range" meter. How does one change
ranges from
          low to high light sensitivity?
          2) How is the ASA dial set? Do you really have to rotate the meter
          beyond the stops?   
          3) How does one service or remove the meter housing? Mine is
          loose on the focusing knob, but I see no way to access the
          4) If I want to remove the selenium cell and galvanometer from the
          camera, are the factory stock "blanks" as installed in non-metered
          models generally available?
          Thanks very much,
          near Washington, DC