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Re: [Rollei] Rollei wide

the Tele- and Wide- were based on the 2.8E2, so they don't have a coupled meter
but provision for installing the uncoupled meter (like in the "T" too).

Later models had 220film provision (as far as I know uncommon to the 2.8E2 but
available for some 2.8F models).

For 6000Euro .. .you could get a Tele- and a Wide- plus the special Rolleinars 0.3 and
0.7 for the Tele- or you get the Wide- with a shade ;-)

In any case make sure you get the right waist level finder for either one, and try to get
as many accessories in the first place as possible. Think the WIOBL is rare/hard to find?!
Ever seen a Bay IV lens cap for sale (without the camera)??? Or the Bay IV polarizer?


Julian Thomas wrote:

> Well basically, is it based on the F, or is it a totally different design? I
> didn't want to bother the list with something that may have been done to
> death! I've just heard that i've made it to the last round of a photo
> competition here in Spain with a 6000euro first prize, so I';m dreaming!
> Julian
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> Just ask, and we're gonna tell ya more than you ever wanna know!
> Julian Thomas wrote:
> > Thanks Marc. Is there a source on the web for info on the Wide? I can't
> find
> > anything other than serial nos.
> >
> > Julian
> >
> > This is an auction of a WIOBL, the lens hood for the Weitwinkel-Rollei.
> > The cameras are fairly rare;  the lens hoods are exceedingly rare.  And
> the
> > lens hoods are necessary for proper use of the camera and most Rolleiwides
> > are owned by users, so ...
> >
> > For once, the high price is probably user-driven more than
> collector-driven.
> >
> > Marc
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