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Re: [Rollei] Efke film: Du Pont?

You mean Efke R100 and not 200? It's sold as a 200 Asa film under other 
brand names though. Expose it at 100 Asa, and develop it in D-76 20ºC for 9 

The demands for Efke's low speed films are increasing, so I don't think the 
will stop making their 25 and 50 Asa films.

Efke have problems with getting enough 127-spools, so they use used spools 
nowadays, and roll the film on them by hand...

Efke 25 is available in sheet film these days! But sold by Wephota under the 
name NP 15. They have the most common sizes in stock, but can also cut the 
film into whatever size you want! Good if you want film for an odd size 
Heidoscope for example.


>Hi all.
>I have just got some rolls of EFKE R200 B/N film, in 127 size, to feed my
>Kodak Vest Pocket Autographic and a Baby Rollei I am eager for :-)
>I think it's a good film and - well - the only 127 film I have been able to
>find... :-/
>Some questions:
>- has anyone used it? EI/developer/times recommended?
>- on the cardboard box it says "Made in Croatia under licence - Du Pont de
>Nemours Deutschland gmbh". Eh!? Du Pont? is Du Pont into film making?
>- the Italian importer says it will pass some time before some more fresh
>film will be available, as Fotokemika Zagreb (i.e. the Efke maker) is
>undergoing a serious restructuration. I hope they will not drop "strange"
>films, such 127 format or 20 ISO. Does anyone know what's going on?

MSN Photos är det enklaste sättet att dela ut och skriva ut foton: