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Re: [Rollei] ROLLEIKIN - Whiteface 2.8F

>From: Jerry Waid
>1) Can a Rolleikin be installed in a 120/220 2.8F Rolleiflex
>2) If I could find a complete Rolleikin kit, could this be installed on my
>F2.8 without de-valuing the camera?  It sounds like the modification is
>permanent. The camera is in mint condition and of course works like a 
>3) Are there different models of the Rolleikin kits for different cameras?

1. Yes. You'll have to change the knob on the side of the taking spool, and 
it comes with the complete Rolleikin kit. Be sure the knob is in there if 
you buy a used kit.

2. You CAN put the old film knob back on your camera. The Rolleikin counter 
knob is "permanent" only because you don't have to take it off to use 
ordinary 120-film

3. Yes, there are older Rolleikin kits with a special back. The counter is 
in the back instead of on the knob. But you have to change the knobs anyway 
to be able to rewind the film back in the cassette.


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