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Re: [Rollei] Question re: Rolleikin

If your Rolleiflex has a counter knob installed (2.8C,D,E, etc.)  it is easy
to install the Rolleikin.  It just snaps in without tools and is easily
removed, and a mask is dropped in the viewfinder.   If you don't have the
counter knob, you must 1.)  find one, and 2.) remove the old knob and screw
in the new one with the proper screws.  Once installed, the counter is

The main limitation of the Rolleikin is that it is just about useless for
horizontal shots.  You can hold the camera sideways, but the image is upside
down.  But the vertical setup is perfect for portraiture.

Ed Krebs
The Thalia Street Gallery, http://edkrebs.com

Shel Belinkoff wrote:

> Hi ...
> I had to drop off the list for a while, but now I'm ready to continue
> searching for a Rolleiflex.  The Rolleikin seems like a nice accessory,
> especially for someone like myself who shoots a lot of 35mm.  Is the
> system easy to install and remove?  Can it be done in the field?  Or
> does it require tools and dexterity to remove and install?  Does it work
> well, or does it have some inherent flaws or weaknesses?
> Thanks?