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Re: [Rollei] Question re: Rolleikin

Yes, it is easy to install and remove and it can be done in the field.  The
advancing knob stays on the camera however. I would practice with a dummy
cartridge before I used it.

Make sure you get all the parts when you buy one. Frequently the advancing
knob is missing from the set because it is left on the previous camera.

There are no mechanical problems with the Rolleikin once you understand how
to use it. At 35mm the lens is  75/80mm which is slightly telephoto.

The 35mm is mounted in a portrait position in the Rollei. To take a
landscape picture you would have to hold the Rollei sideways which, in my
opinion, is a bit cumbersome with a waist level vf. This portrait position
and the longer focal length is fine for portraits, as I understand.  I used
the Rolleikin  for slides and I was quite pleased with the results.


Shel Belinkoff wrote:

> Hi ...
> I had to drop off the list for a while, but now I'm ready to continue
> searching for a Rolleiflex.  The Rolleikin seems like a nice accessory,
> especially for someone like myself who shoots a lot of 35mm.  Is the
> system easy to install and remove?  Can it be done in the field?  Or
> does it require tools and dexterity to remove and install?  Does it work
> well, or does it have some inherent flaws or weaknesses?
> Thanks?
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