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RE: [Rollei] Schneider - Zeiss debate

> I think (Maybe in my mind) I noticed a
> difference.  It seems that the Schneider lens that I now have
> gives a photo that has more contrast.

To add some more fuel on this debate, check this out:

I have not found any further information but it seems like he suggesting the
same: his Schneider is more contrastier than his Zeiss.

> Well now for the shocker . . .  Please do not stone me . . .  Sometimes I
> ever prefer the color images that I get from my  . . .  take a
> deep breath .
> . .
> my Rolleicord Vb Type 2 camera with the Schneider Xenar.

I recently got a early Vb and I did a quick comparison of resolving power
between this Xenar and the 6 element Planar of my 3.5E3. Nothing real
scientific but just a shot at f5.6 of my bookshelf at home. I can't see the
difference with a 10x loupe but after cutting it to "35mm" and fed to my
Canon FS4000 you can see some small differences. This Planar is really
amazingly sharp and this Xenar is close but just not as sharp as the Planar.
But then, there is more in life than resolving power.

The Vb is a nice lightweight camera and I'm planning to use it often. But
first, I need to clean it thoroughly. The previous owner has "lubricated" it
by spraying oil from the outside through the slot of the cocking handle and
everything is soaking wet, including the shutter blades :(

Siu Fai