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Re: [Rollei] shoot me down

Well, I have a Prego 90 and a Prego 70 - the lenses on both are amazing! 
The 90 is my favorite point and shoot, and I have many including Leica 
and Contax. Too bad it looks so awful ;)  The prego 70 is nice and 
small, and can take great shots, but it needs 400 or faster film - the 
lens is so slow. I uase it when I need a pants-pocket camera as it is 
just tiny (hence the slow lens).

I think Prego's are terribly underrated. They seem to take a lot of 
abuse too.

- - marc

david kelley wrote:

>i just recently joined this group and you seem way out
>of my league, i enjoy taking pics and i had an slr a
>long time and wanted a compact, and i bought a rollei
>prego 145 secondhand (yes, chunky, plastic, hopeless
>viewfinder and naff "panoramic" switch.
>however i am very happy indeed with the pics i am
>getting, it can't seem to do any wrong.
>anyone want to venture an opinion on this prego?  the
>reviews i have come across have generally not been
>great, though one or two were.
>rollei 35 or ricoh gr1 ?
>(a debate i suppose you have already had...many times)
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