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Re: [Rollei] shoot me down

At 09:36 PM 3/24/02 +0000, david kelley wrote:
>however i am very happy indeed with the pics i am
>getting, it can't seem to do any wrong.
>anyone want to venture an opinion on this prego?  the
>reviews i have come across have generally not been
>great, though one or two were.
>rollei 35 or ricoh gr1 ?

Well, on the last, I'd go with the 35, but, then, I've owned and used a
slew of them.  I've never noted a Ricoh GR 1 nor, for that matter, ever
seen a Rollie Prego in person.  (I live a bit in the sticks, and, when I
visit Real Towns, my concentration is not on visiting camera stores ...

And welcome aboard!  


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