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Re: [Rollei] 2.8C or D?


But those choices Rollei made were due to marketing, not necessarily due to
the superiority of the lenses - one over the other. By the latter 70s, no one
much wanted the 3.5 lensed Rolleis as 2.8 was the standard for a normal
medium format lens in a 6x6 camera. The choice of Zeiss lenses was definitely
due to quality, but not over Schneider - Zeiss had the better reputation
world wide for great lenses. So although there is no difference in quality
between Zeiss and Schneider, Ziess ends up holding the "Bigger Stick", due to
its worldwide brand recognition - and Rollei paid Zeiss more for that when it
came to purchasing lenses from them.

So although your statements are factual, they do not necessarily have to do
with comparative quality of lenses - Zeiss vs Schneider.

Personally, I prefer the 3.5. Either Zeiss or Schneider. Although a better
deal can often be had on the Schneider lensed Rolleis because people are
under the incorrect impression that the Ziess lenses are better.


Marc James Small wrote:

> At 09:35 PM 3/24/02 +0100, you wrote:
> >The 3,5 Planar is sharper and contrastier than the 2,8.
> As with most rigid statements, these needs some qualification.  There are
> many who prefer the f/3.5 Planar to the f/2.8 lens but, in the end, Rollei
> itself chose to continue the f/2.8 Planar over the f/3.5 lenses and over
> the Xenotar.  Having used them all, it probably says something that I have
> chosen to keep what I found to be the best of the lot, the 2.8GX.
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