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[Rollei] Re: 2.8C or D?

Marc James Small wrote:

> As with most rigid statements, these needs some qualification.  There are
> many who prefer the f/3.5 Planar to the f/2.8 lens but, in the end, Rollei
> itself chose to continue the f/2.8 Planar over the f/3.5 lenses and over
> the Xenotar.  Having used them all, it probably says something that I have
> chosen to keep what I found to be the best of the lot, the 2.8GX.

A telling observation. I have no "objective" tests or other pseudo-emperical
data to support my preference for the 80/2.8 lenses, just many years of
using both and preferring the character of the faster longer lens,
particularly for people work...

I prefer the C over the D because it has a rounder 8 blade iris, and because
it does not have the cumbersome EVS system which on the D must be actively
decoupled with each use. A search of the archives will give you more on the
differences and advantages to each, as this question has been raised in the

A nice 2.8 C Planar can be had for around $450-550; the Xenotars tend to
sell for a bit less than the Planars...

Eric Goldstein