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Re: [Rollei] mx-evs 220 mod

To convert an MX-EVS to 220 you need a special straphanger that has an
additional lever, identical to the one on the back that releases the back.
This lever is found on the same side as the back release lever and is not a
separable from the straphanger - you cannot just get the lever, you have to
replace the whole straphanger. For an MX-EVS, it means replacing both
straphangers because the 220 straphanger is one that takes the alligator
type neckstrap. So you will have to get an alligator type neckstrap.


James Harrison wrote:

>  A few years back I talked to Harry Fleenor about a modification to my
> MX-EVS Rolleiflex so that it could use 220 film.  I didn't follow up with
> it.  Has anyone had this done, and if so; how much and any problems?
> Thanks; jh
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