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[Rollei] Re: 2.8F or GX

Geir Bugge-Olsen wrote:
 i would like to know what would be the
> better camera 2.8 F planar or the new 2.8GX?

Better for what?
For 220 film, F
For most advanced lens coatings, GX
For build quality and "feel," F
For spot metering and TTL flash, GX
A mint F will cost approximately $1,000 less than a new GX.
GX is probably faster handling as "user," the F is more satisfying as a
	A few features were dropped when the GX was designed such as ground
glass viewing with the sport finder and film spool knobs that stay
snapped out. Todd Belcher once posted an exhaustive list of all the
minor differences, such as engraved numbers which became painted on.	
	If TTL flash, and through the viewing lens spot metering are important
to you, I would lean toward the GX. If you like a solid, classic feel
with the highest build quality, then F.  I'm sure others will be able to
add to this discussion.
	Phil Stiles NH USA