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Re: [Rollei] Help! My Rolleiflex Automat is jammed!

At 09:47 PM 03/11/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi, Richard I,  Jerry and Richard K:
>Thanks for all your thoughts on this problem.
>Yes, I agree, I wouldn't attempt to take the camera apart.  Not unless I'm
>prepared to learn about it and throw it out afterwards.  I'll repair a
>computer; I'm currently taking apart an HP signal generator that doesn't
>work and was given to me for free.  I wouldn't take apart such a complicated
>The thought of a repair makes me sad.  I had called up one place (Koh's);
>Jimmy asked me if it is an MX or EVS.  Its an MX.  He said that camera is
>junk; he'd look at it if it were an EVS.  Why?  The MX is too old.  1952 is
>too old but 1954 isn't?????  He relented and said he'd work on it for $150.
>What price is reasonable?
>I just bought the camera in November off of eBay.  I've run three rolls
>through it.  Bad luck?
>I believe the problem was that I hadn't cocked the shutter before snapping
>the shutter release.  I'd like to start with that premise.  Its possible
>something was loose or misaligned but why don't we start with what we're
>sure of?
>I've followed your advice, Richard the First, and played with what does
>work.  Fortunately, I now have a ruined roll of film I can run through it
>with the lights on.  Yes, the frame number goes to 0 when the back is
>opened.  The sprocket by the top spool seems directly connected to the film
>wind crank; it doesn't move either but they both jiggle a little.  The
>geared bar underneath the takeup sprocket is on some kind of spring; turning
>it advances the frame number.  However, nothing changes when its moved up to
>frame 12 and beyond.
>Dan Kalish <kaliushkin  >
>Flushing, NYC, USA
  A couple of things. Many repairs can be made on older Rolleis, Fs are
very complex and are too valuable to take a chance on. 
  If you want to learn to work on them get a junker or two. There some good
books on Rolleis and general camera repair. A reprinted factory manual is
available from both John S. Craig http://www.craigcamera.com and from Petra
Keller, http://www.camerabooks.com
  Both also have books on Compur shutters. 
  There was also a series published by National Camera. I've forgotten
where I got mine, maybe one of the above. Ed Romney's books are also
useful. I think he has improved his presentation, the older ones look like
they were put together by Bart Simpson. 
  Even if you never intend to open a Rollei its interesting to know what is
inside the thing. They are very well engineered and very well constructed. 
  Some cameras are easier to work on then others. I find Rolleis and screw
mount Leica's fairly easy, Nikon F's much more difficult. Most shutters are
easy although you must be careful not to loose small parts and to becareful
of jamming them, which can be very time consuming and tedious to undo. 
  The guy at Koh's is full of it. Repair may be fairly expensive. Check
with Harry Fleenor for an estimate or at least a minimum. Remember, this is
hand work. If skilled its expensive.
- ----
Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA