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Re: [Rollei] SL66E and SL66 hand held

on 3/8/02 4:17 AM, bigler  wrote:

> As far as the optics is concerned, they are the same as C-series
> Zeiss-Hasselblad lenses except of course for the built-in Compur
> shutter. The SL66 series has a focal plane shutter. The max flash
> synch speed is, thus, somewhat limited (I think 1/30s or 1/60s) on the
> SL66 series except if you find one of the two special lenses with
> built-in leaf shutter that were offered : a strange 80mm "retrofocud"
> distagon and a 150mm sonnar, offering only fast leaf shutter speeds
> for flash use. Who did manufacture this simplified leaf shutter is a
> question for expert RUG-ers.

Flash synch is 1/30 on all SL66, but drifts to 1/15 with use.

I owned both leaf shutter lenses when I used SL66.  You must manually
cock the shutter for each exposure and set the camera body to B
(instructions say 1/15, but doesn't actually work on most bodies).

The leaf shutters are standard Compur 0 just like in Hasselblad lenses.
They lack the slow speed escapement since it was not needed.  I still have
a couple brand new replacement shutters left over from my repair shop days.

BTW, the SL66 is great for hand holding if you have the hand grip made
for it.  Without the grip it is awkward to hand hold.