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Re: [Rollei] 2.8 E xenotar

Hi Paul,

The tiny set screw holds the front element housing in place, but that front
housing still has to be screwed off. Once off, the front element can be removed
- - it is held in place only by the pressure of the front element housing. The
front element of a 2.8 Planar is actually a cemented doublet - two pieces of
glass really.

The only thing to watch out for is that the tiny set screw can be in there
quite tightly. If you twist too hard it is possible to shear off the set
screw's head, leaving the shaft stuck in the front cell housing. Put a drop of
penetrating oil in first and let it soak in.


Paul Kollas wrote:

> Hi all, I picked up a nice looking 2.8E at the Hillsboro Swapmeet Saturday,
> for a quite reasonable price, considering that the hood was somehow rather
> badly messed up, and the meter not good. Oh, and 4 small, round, transparent
> spots near the center of the taking lens. 3 of the spots appear to be on the
> back side of the front element, the fourth on the front side of the
> air-spaced group behind the front element. It looks like a single screw
> locks the group to the front element housing, and that loosening this screw
> will allow screwing the assemblies apart. But I haven't done that. Any
> cautions or contraindications that I should be aware of?


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