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RE: [Rollei] Manual for Rollei Magic I or II?

> I just owned a Rolli Magic I but without any description or manual.

Hi Klaus, welcome to the group.

I don't have a manual but I do use the camera from time to time to shoot
color prints. It's a very simple camera to operate. Film loading is by
matching the arrows at the red dots before closing. There are three exposure
modes: Full auto, flash (at 1/30s) and Bulb. Push the small button on the
left (with the lens facing from you), and you can change modes with the
right wheel. A=full auto, red= flash and green= bulb. With the Magic, there
is nothing more you can do. So the accuracy of exposure depends solely on
the built in meter and they tend to be bad after almost 40 years. There is a
sort of temporary exposure lock if you push down the shutter release a
little bit. But that's about it.


Siu Fai