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RE: [Rollei] How'd they do that?


I designed scanners/pre-press equipment for a company named Imagitex, and
they were bought by Dupont...and I seem to remember the film being
Dupont...but I could be mistaken.  It was way cool though.  I'm sure it
would be easy to do with an inkjet these days, since you can print inkjet on
clear mylar...


> What type of film did you use to print with?
> Most regular films would be too fast (I guess
> you could add time for reciprocity if
> necessary).  Kodalith, maybe?  Your offset
> idea sounds nice.
> --- Austin Franklin <darkroom  > wrote:
> > I've printed pictures on film and mounted them
> > between glass....and it looks
> > really cool.  Even cooler was to do two, and
> > slightly offset them, giving a
> > depth to the image.
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