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[Rollei] Swift Binocular Adapter Report

Congratulations, Marc.

Could you please go back to the basics with this, er... setup?  Does the
Neptune constitute the entire lens or is it a supplementary lens in front of
the camera lens?  If the latter, what feature(s) does this setup provide?

> From: Marc James Small <msmall  >
> Subject: [Rollei] Swift Binocular Adapter Report
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> I received the Swift 7x35 Neptune II binoculars today necessitated by my
> ownership of this Swift BA-1 Binocular Adapter for TLR's.  Well, I rigged
> it up, and it does work, sorta-kinda.
> The downside is that Swift has no memory of this piece and I have no clue
> as to how to adjust it to provide a complete alignment of the upper
> binocular with the viewing lens while still maintaining alignment of the
> bottom binocular with the taking lens.

Isn't the Neptune adjustable for differing eye spacing?

Regardless, how do you couple a 5mm eyepiece to a 30mm or so diameter lens?

> The upside is that the Neptune II is a wide-angle glass and, thus, seems
> provide full-frame illumination without any vignetting.  It is still a
> vicious f/15 wide-open;  there are aperture rings which can reduce this to
> f/21, f/31, or even to a princely f/42.  Shades of Waterhouse Stops!

Dan Kalish <kaliushkin  >
Flushing, NYC, USA
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