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[Rollei] Swift Binocular Adapter Report

I received the Swift 7x35 Neptune II binoculars today necessitated by my
ownership of this Swift BA-1 Binocular Adapter for TLR's.  Well, I rigged
it up, and it does work, sorta-kinda.

The downside is that Swift has no memory of this piece and I have no clue
as to how to adjust it to provide a complete alignment of the upper
binocular with the viewing lens while still maintaining alignment of the
bottom binocular with the taking lens.

The upside is that the Neptune II is a wide-angle glass and, thus, seems to
provide full-frame illumination without any vignetting.  It is still a
vicious f/15 wide-open;  there are aperture rings which can reduce this to
f/21, f/31, or even to a princely f/42.  Shades of Waterhouse Stops!

The image in the VF seems sharp enough but I've not run any film by this
one on my Automat, Type III, though this seems to be the camera shown in
the instruction book.  I might sacrifice a time-expired roll of Ilford PanF
or so to check it all out at some point.

These binoculars are touted as being "multi-coated", whatever that meant a
decade before Asahi and Zeiss introduced the world to the art.


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