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[Rollei] 6008AF

Just back last night from PMA where I was able to handle and try out the new
6008AF camera.  It looks just like the 6008i, but now has a backlighted LCD
display in the viewfinder replacing the LEDs used in previous models.  This
consumes less battery power.

A knob on the right side of the camera allows you to select autofocus modes,
including a Trap mode.  In this mode you manually focus at a particular
distance and when the subject moves into the plane of focus the camera
automatically fires.  There is also a position for focus confirmation when
using manual focus lenses.  This works very well.  I tried it on several
lenses and you just turn the focusing ring in the direction of the arrows
until a black circle with F in it comes on.  The AF sensor is H shaped, with
one horizontal and two vertical sensors, which can be individually switched
on and off.  

Two AF lenses will be available at first, the 180mm f/2.8 Schneider and a
brand new 60 - 140 mm zoom, also from Schneider.  There are no immediate
plans for AF lenses from Zeiss.

The autofocus operation is amazingly fast.  Rollei says 60% faster than any
other medium format AF camera.  The camera I tried out just literally jumped
into focus in an instant.  Both lenses I tried, the 180 and zoom are totally
new designs with internal focus.  Manual focus is very smooth and feels just
like the rest of the lenses for 6000 series.

One thing I really liked is the viewfinder display shows you the orientation
of the 645 magazine by displaying a small rectangle which rotates when you
rotate the magazine.  The display has a frame counter as well.

You can now connect the camera to a computer via a special cable which plugs
into the standard Rollei socket, and using this you can reprogram a wide
variety of camera functions.  Basically just like with the Master Control
Unit lets you do now.

Pricing has not been set, but they were guessing the new body would be about
$ 1000 higher than the 6008i.