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RE: [Rollei] New Subscriber


>I've been using 35mm gear for quite a while - Leica and Pentax
>specifically - and would now like to play around a bit with larger
>format negatives.  I like older, mechanical cameras, especially those
>that are well-built and well-engineered.  Quality optics are also
>important, and it seems the Rollei TLRs fit all those requirements.


Welcome to RUG. Rollei TLRs are really great cameras, from every aspect. I
don't think you'll be disappointed. As I like to say, "6x6 slides are the
bomb!", which is a funny way of saying you'll love the results you get, and
have a great time examining 6x6 slides (insert your favorite slide film
here) on the light box. It is a revelation.

Besides all the technical information on Rolleis, which you can certainly
get here, one of the best things about TLRs is the photo taking process,
which is very different from 35mm gear. I find that slowing down, spending
more time on composition, staging, and exposure usually results in better
quality pictures.

To start off the recommendation parade, I have a model 1 grey Rolleiflex
"T", which has a 3.5/75mm Zeiss Tessar lens. The main thing to keep in mind
on Rolleiflexes and other TLRs is condition. Of course you want clean
lenses, but you also want everything else to function smoothly. Unless you
buy a really well cared for or serviced model, you may want to factor in a
CLA from one of the excellent technicians who do Rollei.

Check out the forum archives on www.photo.net, and search for "Rolleiflex."
You will find a load of information to read.