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RE: [Rollei] 6000 magazine questions

Dear Jan,

My 6003 is the black "Proffessional" model. The original back does have the
speed dial. My 6006 back definitely lacks the center contacts of each set
but it seems to transmit the film speed all right; at least the negatives
are well exposed. If I remember clearly, those backs that don't forward the
film speed info default to ISO 100 and I've used it successfully with films
ranging from 125 to 800.

I'll run some extra tests regarding the speed being forwarded or not --any
change to the film speed should be reflected by the meter, no?- and come
back to the list.

- --Jorge.

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Sent: Friday, February 15, 2002 3:44 AM
Subject: Re: [Rollei] 6000 magazine questions

> George,
> which 6003 do you own? 6003 professional or 6003 SRC 1000 professional?
> Does it have a film speed dial on the regular back? Is the camerat black
or "gun-metal"?
> Anyway, the 6006-backs do have a dial for film speed, but it is not
forwarded to the camera
> (except when upgraded by Rollei-service, should include the additional
> the 6008's dial-setting is forwarded to the camera via the additional
> Jan