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Re: Really Off-Topic: was RE: [Rollei] SL66 or SLX, opinions? Citroens

> Y'know, when I lived in Paris in 1957, if I were ever to ask
> a Citroen rental agency for a Citroen "Break", they would
> probably say, "Which one monsieur, they are all broken?"
> In the UK, "break" usually refers to a romantic weekend, away
> from home and work.  For me, it was the Lakes District or
> Scotland, but never enough time.

No Jerry, the French "break" = English "brake", as in the smaller version of 
a "shooting brake".

Interestingly I remember a survey done about 15 years ago here in Australia 
which found that Citroens were the most reliable car (by a good margin).


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Richard Urmonas