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Re: [Rollei] QUERY: 12/24 hardware options on Rollei E3

I have both types of 220 switches installed on a couple of E3's.  The 12/24 
"switch" is clearly more user-friendly, but the simpler kind works fine, if 
you're paying attention.  It's a lever just in front of the lever that 
releases the back, and looks exactly like that lever.  After exposure #12, 
you push the lever forward, you hear a little click, then crank on.  The 
crank goes a little further than usual, and there is some extra space 
between exposures 12 and 13.  The only snag is, you have to know when you 
are at exposure #12, and you have to remember which half of the film you 
are on.  I'd say that it's both elegantly simple and a partial 
solution.   In the hustle-bustle of a wedding, I often went past #12, 
realized it when the crank turned further than normal, then pushed the 
lever forward and tried to remember to only make 10 exposures on the second 
half of the film.

With the 12/24 switch type, you reset the switch when you load a new roll 
of 220 film.  The film crank locks after exposure 12, you flip the switch 
and crank on to #13.   So you don't have to watch the frame counter, and 
you don't have to remember which half of the film you're on.


At 09:24 AM Thursday, 2/14/2002, you wrote:
>There is the earlier Rollei solution of installing a "button", similar to
>that which releases the back from the camera body, in that same vicinity.  I
>have never seen this but would like to know just how this works.  Just where
>exactly is the button installed?  How is the button moved?  Pushed in?  Slid
>forward?  Has anyone had any experience with this?  In terms of
>functionality, how does it compare with the 12/24 rotating button?  Any snags
>I should know about?  Is there a little technique to using it?  Is it
>sufficiently out of the way to avoid accidental tripping?  How does it look?
>Is it elegant in its simplicity or a stop-gap contraption?