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Re: [Rollei] MX EVS Type 2

My first Rolleiflex was a MX-EVS (type 1). I loved it, and still do, and 
with it my interest in collecting Rollei TLR's started. It has the Tessar 
lens, and it's so sharp that I often use it instead of the F cameras with 
Planar. I find the sharpest aperture on the Tessar to be around 8-11, and 
5,6 with the six element 3,5 Planar. There IS a difference between shots 
taken with the Tessar and the Planar, but it's hard to say exactly what it 
is. Maybe the Tessar is little more contrastier?

The brighter viewing screen in the F cameras are good, but when on sunny 
days they reflect lots of light making it harder to focus. The darker screen 
in the MX-EVS has never been a problem for me. It's fine grained and easy to 
focus on.


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