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Re: [Rollei] Rolliemeter question

At 08:24 AM 02/13/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>Hello Rollei friends.
>Recently got a Rolleimeter for my MX Automat  SN 1,414,XXX.  But of course I
>didn't get the calibration template.  What is the best way to calibrate the
>Rolleimeter without having access to the focus knob template?
>Many thanks,
>Lloyd Schultz
>Nollite illegitimus contarere vos
  The little Rollei "Practical Accessories" booklet has an alternative
method of setting the focal length compensation without use of the
template. It requires some juggling. 
  The Rolleimeter is first attached to the camera and set for infinity
focus using the small knob at the right-front (facing the camera) of the
meter body. There should be a protective cap over the adjustment knob.
Choose an object far enough away to be practially infinity. Rollei suggests
600 feet minimum, probably a longer distance would be better. 
  After making the infinity setting set the camera for its closest focusing
distance using the finder or ground glass at the film gate to obtain sharp
focus. Check the image in the Rolleimeter. If it isin't co-incident remove
the Rolleimeter and change the setting of the focal length slide on the
actuating arm a little. Then remount the Rolleimeter and reset the infinity
adjustment and check the close focus coincidence. The first try should
indicate which way the adjustment needs to go. The focal length adjustment
effectively changes the length of the actuating arm and thus the angle of
movment to match the lens board movment. 
  Two different Rolleimeters were made, one for 75mm lenses, the other for
80mm lenses. 
- ----
Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA