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[Rollei] AFM35

With the recent discussion of Rollei (and other) compacts, I thought 
this might be of interest to some readers.

Pop Photo has a short review of the Rollei AFM35 in the just-arrived 
March issue.  Lens performance was stunning-at least as far as 
sharpness goes-with lp/mm figures better than the Contax T3.  Their 
figures (aperture-center/corner):  2.6-84/47; 4-94/53; 5.6-94/53; 
8-94/59; 11-84/59; 16-66/47.

On the down side, they reported "moderate" veiling flare at 2.6 and 
4, with "much less" at other apertures, "very small ghosts" at the 
smallest apertures, and "slight" edge darkening below 5.6.  I don't 
recall how the T3 performed in those areas.  They also complained 
about the small viewfinder and noted that there is no indication of 
the camera-selected shutter speed there. ( It is not clear whether 
the shutter speed appears anywhere else.)

- --Ben