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Re: [Rollei] SL66 or SLX, opinions? (was Rolleiwide? Who cares?)

the SLX is the basic design and it was revolutionary (like the Citroen DS).

The 6002 added TTL flash metering (do you need it?) and is slower than the SLX,
the 6006 added magazine backs (once you got it you rarely use it, but see that SLX-
users drop in the next film faster!) and TTL metering.
The 6008 added open-aperture metering and full-auto and full information in
the viewfinder (nice, and even with a switch to turn it off), and was faster again and
introduced shorter shutter speeds than 1/500s) and an additional "action-grip" (most
the time I keep my action grip in my jackets pocket or at home, not on the camera)..
The  6008 SRC 1000 introduced better work with scanning backs,
the 6003 was the discount model (no magazine back, no "action-grip but both can be
added later) but it has manual control, TTL flash metering, aperture priority, shutter
priority and full auto exposure ... (first model called 6003 SRC 1000 professional (the
ones I've seen so far all were kinda "gun-metal"-grey), second model called 6003
professional, second model to be preferrend (held in black)).
The 6008 integral (and "E") introduced a new screen (High-D-screen - verrrrry nice,
can be mounted to all other models (including SL 66 and 2.8GX!) as well and a new
serial communication allowing the use of master-control-integral (extended camera
control) and the new 4560-Magazin.
The 6001 was created after they received (and smoked) a load of bad weed at R&D
or marketing of Rollei (manual control only! And TTL-flash metering).

So, if you're asking me for advice:
The SLX will offer a lot!
If money is an issue but you like open-aperture, magazin-abillity, full view-finder information
and a fast camera go for the 6003 professional and add the High-D-screen.
If you want it all: go for the 6008 integral or wait til next year.

Jan (yes, my SLX was reliable until I dropped it)

Dan Kalish wrote:

> After years of using 35mm SLR, Voigtlander Avus and now Rolleiflex TLR, I'm
> thinking of moving to MF SLR.  I'm not Rockefeller (he's dead), so I'm
> trying to stay under $1000.  That means the 600x is out of the running (I
> don't like all those electronic gimmicks anyway).
> Koh's (very nice store) showed me an SL66.  Verrry nice handling.  Camera
> 35, July 1976 (which I just happen to be reading) very favorably reviews the
> SLX.   However, Koh's sez the SLX broke down too often so they don't like
> it.  A customer at Koh's said MF SLRs have too much mirror shudder.  The
> salesman at Neptune said MFs are a waste of money.
> So many opinions already.  What can members of this group say about these
> cameras, other than that they cameras set new records for price and quality?
> Anyone on this group use them?  Good experiences?  Bad experiences?  Are
> they feasible for use now?  How difficult is it to repair them or find parts
> for them?  Lenses?
> Thanks,
> Dan Kalish <kaliushkin  >
> Flushing, NYC, USA
> "Nothing is ever the same as they said it was."   Diane Arbus