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[Rollei] T4 vs Rollei 35 vs Minox?? Why not?

Why not also include a discussion of a comprise between the Rollei and 
the T4:  The Minox GT-E 35mm camera.  Just like the others it uses full 
frame 35mm film..  


Hot shoe on top of camera; insertion of flash foot sets the camera to 
1/125 shutter speed.  Lightweight plastic body and much smaller than the 
T4.  Easily fits in a pocket.

Currently in production

Lens MC Minoxar f/2.8  35mm; made in Germany.  Between the lens shutter. 
 T4 is a little slower at f/3.5

The Minox has manual f stops from f/2.8 to f/16.  Nothing to set on the 
Yashica T4--it even reads the film speed from the bar codes.

Auto exposure:  You set the f/stop and the camera sets the shutter speed.  

Exposure needle in the viewfinder indicates the shutter speed to be set 
by the camera:  up to 1/500 second max speed.  T4 has a max speed of 
1/700th sec but no indication of what setting has been selected by the 

Minox camera capable of using ASA 25 - 1600 film.  T4 limited to nothing 
slower than ASA 50.

Minox can use slip on filters with integral rubber lens hoods available 
from Minox -- Great for black and white.  Can't use anything with the T4.

Dual stroke film advance with the Minox.

Manual guess focusing on the Minox like the Rollei.

Self timer on the Minox

The Minox has a 2X exposure compensation switch

    Well now that you've got an idea of the setup, there's always the 
comparison between the Minox and the Rollei:  You can't select both the 
f/stop and shutter speed on the Minox as you can on the Rollei is the 
frequent criticism.  Well, actually you can get there from here:  First 
set your f/stop.  Then adjust the ASA setting dial on the camera to get 
the shutter speed you want.  It always provides the required setting I'm 
looking for in any particular shot.  I agree it does add a cumbersome 
aspect to the shutter time selection but it does allow for user selected 
speeds and stops.

    What about the limitation of the 125th shutter speed when using a 
flash?  Well, there's a little probe in the hot shoe that's moved when a 
flash is inserted into it and that triggers the selected 125 speed.  I 
have an auxiliary hot shoe with a cut off corner.  When inserted into 
the hot shoe, it transmits the signal to the flash but allows for my 
selection of an f stop and shutter speed as noted above.  Works fine. 
 If the 125th speed is OK for the shot I just don't use the extra piece 
for the flash.  

    The lens is as sharp as you could ever hope for and gives great 

    I hope this adds a little to the mix.  BTW, I have the Minox GT-E 
and the ML (an older model) and the T4.  Alas, no Rollei.

Steve Dunn