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[Rollei] RE: Rollei 35S and Yashica T4 comparison

I haven't used a T4, but have had a 35S, and it seems they are very
different cameras. The T4 is a straightforward auto point and shoot that,
from what I've seen and heard, is certainly one of the best of the bunch in
this camera category. On the other hand, the Rollei is a completely manual,
zone focused, hi-end mini that can deliver amazing quality, but requires
knowledge and patience on the part of the user.

If I need a camera for my wife to carry and use, the T4 is great. She did
use my 35S a few times and enjoyed the solidity and professional quality of
the camera, but from a user perspective the Rollei requires a lot of work.
I loved using the Rollei, and once you get accustomed to the controls, it
works great. You sure won't find a better small lens than the 40mm Sonnar --
it's beautiful.

Just search on Photo.net under "Gallery," "User Uploaded Images," and put
"Rollei 35" into the search box to see many excellent examples of Rollei 35