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Re: [Rollei] rollei grey baby

>From: George Lew
>can someone give some advice on the purchase of the
>grey (or black) baby, have heard that results are on
>par with the 3.5f. its the size that attracts me but
>also realize that film selection is limited.
>appreciated for some feedbacks.

I had a grey baby, and do now own a pre-war Sports Rolleiflex 4x4. They are 
great cameras that will produce very sharp results. The films available 
today in 127 is Efke R100, often sold under other names like Jessops R200 
and Maco UP100. This film is an old style film, made from the old Adox 
recipe from the 50's. Macophot will produce/cut slide film and a B/W 400 
film in 127 film this spring. That sounds promising.

It's also possible to cut 120-film to 127 and roll it on the backing paper 
from an old 127 roll on the spool. Maco ORT25 (extremely fine grained orto 
film) in 120 can be cut in the light from a red safelight, making it easier. 
This film needs to be developed in a low contrast developer, and Maco sells 
one if you don't want to mix it your self.

Try to find a baby Rollei in good condition. It's not an expensive camera, 
around $150 in good condition. Be sure that the shutter and selftimer works 
properly, and that the mirror is in good condition. These cameras are not 
that old, and the mirrors use to be fine.


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