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Re: [Rollei] Rollei 35

At 05:49 2/4/02, Roland Smith wrote:
>I purchased a used Rollei 35 several years ago with the f2.8 Sonnar lens and
>was amazed at the quality of the pictures.
>A little later, I bought a Rollei 35 with the f3.5 Tessar and used it to
>take indoor factory pictures at 1/2 second at f3.5 with outstanding results.
>The shutter does not seem to cause camera movement.
>My daily routine with a briefcase is to carry my Rollei 35 with Ilford HP 5
>film.  It seems to fit well in a small briefcase and is most handy.
>Recently at my son's wedding, I carried my Rollei 35 and took some great
>quality pictures taken with available light.   I never use flash.   It was
>easy to carry and not have it in the way.   I left my Leica home.


One additional point:
The mechanical shutter allows using these little gems outdoors in 
sub-freezing weather that causes electronic shuttered cameras to quit after 
battery voltage drops too low to operate them.  At about +20F this can 
occur in less than an hour!  It might require using "sunny 16" to estimate 
exposure and bracketing it if using transparency films, but everything else 
continues functioning at temperatures well below zero F.

The Tessar and Sonnar lenses on these make the bulk of their contemporary 
Point & Shoot cameras seem like "Holzauge."

[Some military aviators might recognize that term; it was used by the 
Germans to describe one particular formation position.]

- -- John


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