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Re: [Rollei] Rollei 35

At 01:58 PM 2/3/02 -0800, Jerry Lehrer wrote:
>I too carried a Rollei 35 (a 35SE) for a long time
>and loved it, till I discovered the Leica CL, which
>beat it out in every regard except size.
>I wonder,  are any others out there that feel
>the same way?

Well, the CL feels large and junky compared to the Rollei 35, and really is
of an opposite philosophy, as it has interchangeable lenses.  Much as I
respect Leica, I have never been enamored of the CL.  But the basic,
Tessar-equipped, Rollei 35 or the S and its derivatives, now there is a
killer of a camera!

The Sonnar in the S and its derivaties routinely tests better than the
Summicron on the CL, incidentally.  On THIS issue, I am decidely on the
Rolleiflex side!


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