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RE: [Rollei] Rollei 35

Congrats on your new purchase.  I don't know a lot about
the 35 although it seems to be very compelling contender
for a light, small and simple manual camera with good
glass.  The Tessar is a classic lens design and should
work well for you.  If you don't have them already, then
I'd suggest a lens hood and a small light tripod.  I think
there are rubber hoods for the 35 that should work well.
Let us know how you get along with the camera.  Even better,
give a pointer to some images you shoot with it! ;-)

> I just purchased a Rollei 35 made in Singapore with a 40mm/3.5
> Tessar lens.
> Any insight into the quality of this camera as a picture taker.
> I've always
> liked its looks so I took the plunge.
>                                                                  Sincerely
>                                                                 Rosanne
> Reynolds (new member)