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[Rollei] OT: Wide angle 55mm Distagon Rolleiflex?

The camera is rare, but not incredibly so. For some reason the Rolleiwide
has the reputation as being very, very rare. They come up with frequency on
e-bay and are not as rare as a 2.8 E3 or a 2.8B. In fact finding an Original
Rollei of 1928 in mintish condition is very rare as is finding immediate
postwar Rollei TLRs in mint condition (1946/47). I can get a nice Rolleiwide
in a matter of a day if I am willing to pay for it. I will have a much
harder time tracking down the previously mentioned Rollei cameras in
collector condition.

The lens is great. And yes I have one.



I just saw this on EBay and wondered how many of you have seen one of these
wide angle Rolleiflexes.  How rare are they, and how good is the 55mm
Distagon?  See: