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RE: [Rollei] Another new Rollei!


putting new cells in a C26 flash is quite easy. When opening the flash it
should have been fired, i.e. the capacitor empty. You just have to unscrew the
four small srews at the sides, unscrew the long screw that holds the flash to
the camera until you can take it out completely and lift one cover. If still
in original state there will be two round cells taped together - you can't
miss them. Take note what wire goes to what side (+ or -) and cut them off
close to the cell. Take out the cells and see your local electronics store who
will be happy to supply new ones. The cells were standard these days. Try to
get cells with soldering fins (don't know the word, it is 'Lötfahnen' in
German) as this will make it easier to solder them in.
Be warned - you will want to open your 6008 after that!

Have fun!


>So now I need to get the C26 flash to work - it won't hold a charge. 
>Does anybody know if this can be 'rebuilt' reasonably? This is a $25 
>camera after all, but the flash would be helpful :)

>- marc

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